Monday, 27 April 2020

Privacy Calculator Hide APK latest v 1.2 Free Download

Calculator Hide app apk is a great privacy protection application that makes it easy to hide photos and videos you don't want others to see.

How to protect your photos and videos? The privacy calculator is the best way. Privacy Calculator APK is an app that can hide pictures and videos. The app installed on your phone is just like a normal calculator. Your files are stored secretly and can only be viewed after entering the password. and you can free download this popular apk from providing a link of the below page and get benefits of its latest features hence some of the amazing features are given below.


feature of calculator vault:

  1. Hide photos, videos, documents easily with a computer password
  2. Simple computer interface, beautiful images
  3. Secure all photos and videos instantly.
  4. Set an extremely strong password lock under a computer.
  5. Keep all your private data in a safe location.
  6. View and manage your private photos and videos in categories.
  7. Protect screen settings with a password.
  8. Powerful and instant application lock system to keep absolutely safe.
  9. Lock the application with the App Lock feature available by both Password lock and Pattern lock.
  10. Use the recovery function to display photos and videos in the mobile phone gallery.
  11. Use Fingerprint for both computers and lock applications, protect the best way.
  12. Take photos and record videos from the camera and hide photos and videos inside the app.
  13. Take photos of people trying to break the security of your application lock

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